Sunday, December 11, 2011

Simple Origami Box / Advent Calendar 2011!

  • Parts: 3 (10 x 10 cm)
  • Size: 7 cm
1. Take three squares (in my case: 10 to 10 cm)

2. put its coloured side down:

3. fold diagonally:4. put a small corner back to the middle:

5. and then match the left corner to the right one (or other way around :-)

6. and open it back

7. Put the right corner to the top one

8. Put the left corner to the top one:

9. and open your modul a little bit - it's ready!
10. make three of them:

11. put free corners of one modul into the opened top of the other one:

12. and the same logic with the third modul: open corners go into the unfolded one:

13. carefully put the parts together:

14: it's done!

15. Happy Christmas time!


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