Wednesday, December 28, 2011

3d origami star

  • Units: 6 (the more you use the more 3d the star will be, but you can also use less than 6! I took papers 5x5 cm)
  • Tools: paper

0. Take the amount of squares you need. My favourite is this star out of 6 ones, but 5 corners star I like too:

1. put the corners together, coloured side out

2. unfold and repeat with the other side:

3. unfold and turn around:

4. put the sides together, the white side out:

5. unfold and repeat with the other side:

6. so it will look like once you are done:

7. fold the lines together:

8. Put both right corners to the top one:

10. and repeat with the other side, so the finished modul will look like:

10. Make 6 of them:

11a. put the corners of one (red) into the pockets of the other (silver):

11c. till the end, so it will look like:

12a. open the "pocket" from the top and make your moduls look like 3d, it will also will fix them, so you dont need any glue:

12b. so the first two modules will look from the top, when you press them together:

13a. repeat with the next one:

13b. do not forget to open the star from outside to make it 3d:

14. put the last module into the first one:

15. Juhuuu, done, congratulations!

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