Monday, February 7, 2011

Napkin decoration

1. Take a ribbon of the color and width you wish. You need simply to garther it on one side.

2. Do it so long till you like how the flower looks like!

3. Sew together flower base

4. Now you need to take another ribbon of a color you wish the flower's stem is and a piece of a middle hard wire.

5. Begin to turn the ribbon around the wire. To make the construcion more stable, I did it one time to the button of a stem and then back to the flower's base.

6. Fix together the ribbon end with a thread

7. and fix the stem to the flower also with threads

8. Congrats! Your flower is ready! The stem is flexible, but it holds the form, so you can actually use it for different purposes.

I used it to bind the napkin

Pretty easy construction and looks very very nice :-)

Have fun!

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